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The Enzoima are a unique type of enemy. They take place not in the form of a ship, but in the form of living block formations. They can make a level much harder, as they are tough to destroy and can have special powers.


There are a few types of Enzoima that you may encounter while drilling. They are:

Generic Enzoima: They take a few more hits than regular blocks, and may spawn new Generics near them.

Engorger of the Enzoima: These are the mouths. If a ball damages it, it will "vomit" a substance that damages your ship.

Vesicle of the Enzoima: These carry a small blob (plaque?) within them, and will drop it when hit. This can damage you to your minimum health regardless of what protection you have.

Eye of the Enzoima: These are "the guardians" as the game says. If you use a laser, cannon, or missle (but not Javelins!), they will shoot a fast moving projectile that does massive damage, killing those without protection in a single hit! Unless you are good at dodging, do not use any of your weapons until they are destroyed. (PROTIP: You can serve the ball without using a cannon or laser with the down button.)

Heart of the Enzoima: This is the life support of the colony. Should it be destroyed, all the other Enzoima are destroyed. However, these are often hard to reach without alerting dangerous Enzoima. Due to a glitch, if they are moved off screen by an O powerup, the level will continue as if the heart was never destroyed.


Be very cautious when firing cannons are missles. If there is a heart or an eye near the surface of the colony, take it out, unless there is an eye near the center that you feel you can't dodge. Use of a Javelin will not alert an eye, unless a cannon is simultaneosly fired.

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